Services and Information Details

Web Based Registration with Credit Card Capability

revision date:April 23, 2007

Abbreviations used in program description:

CK……Personal Check
CC……Credit Card
CEH…..Christian Event Host
LFIC…. Living Free in Christ…(D A Hoff Charitable Foundation, Inc.)
USPS….United States Postal Service

Program Overview

Conference attendees can register on-line giving CEH requested personal information and providing for on-line CC payment of registration fees.

Pay by CK or CC are the two methods of payment allowed under this program. The CEH may choose to allow either one or both.

LFIC has entered into a contractual relationship with PayPal to handle the on line CC transactions. LFIC never sees the CC numbers, the expiration dates or any other numeric information on the CC. PayPal administers a very secure system at a modest cost that insulates the cardholder, LFIC and the CEH from any mishandling of this information.

If the CEH has a web site, the CEH most likely will want to promote the event thereon and they will need only to insert a “registration link”, provided by LFIC, into the CEH web site. The registration process can be seamless for the registrant.

If the CEH doesn’t have a web site LFIC may be willing to put all of the desired promotional information on the LFIC web site and the CEH can direct the registrants directly to and with just a few clicks, all necessary information will be available to any interested party.

CEH will need to provide a promotional graphic to facilitate continuity between CEH's web site and LFIC's web site. Graphic standards will be e-mailed to the CEH upon the acceptance of their Application.

LFIC can assist with the printing of name tags for registrants if desired. This service is not a part of the “free services” we offer because of the timing, cost of supplies and Expedited Next Day Delivery costs associated with this activity. The CEH will most likely be able to take the MS Excel Spread Sheet data and easily print their own name tags.

CEH and LFIC must sign an “Agreement” as the formal means of launching this process. The printer friendly version will require Acrobat Reader in order to print off the internet. LFIC will Mail USPS or FAX this blank document if needed.

On line registration for Events for which there are no registration fees is not the primary focus of LFIC, but in some instances we will assist with those events. Our experience is that unless a registrant has made a payment of some sort, whether by CK or CC the probability of attendance is dramatically reduced.

Detailed Program Components:

CEH must complete an on line “Application”. CEH may also use the “Contact Us” link on this web site for preliminary or follow up questions.

LFIC will acknowledge the “Application” by either phone or e-mail, and following necessary clarifications LFIC will determine in it’s sole discretion the suitability of the event for our services.

LFIC will, upon approval of the “Application”, begin to build the necessary on line registration pages needed to get the job done. The web site development time will rarely be accomplished in less than 4 weeks from the date LFIC receives a signed agreement between CEH and LFIC.

CEH must provide LFIC with the information that will be required from each registrant as well as specific conference related data such as indication of meal registration, conference and separate seminar attendees, etc. to provide input to LFIC data base.

LFIC will build a data base and log all registrations thereon. If requested, LFIC will periodically, by e-mail, forward all individual registrations to a MS Outlook Distribution list as Requested by the CEH.

LFIC will send copies of a MS Excel Spread Sheet containing a copy of the data base information weekly to the same Distribution list as specified in #5 above. This “weekly update” can begin as soon as there is actual on line registration activity.


LFIC will make no charges for this service unless there is a desire for CC payment of registration fees. In that event, LFIC will charge the CEH enough to cover our actual out of pocket costs or 2.9% plus $.30 per registration for all CC transactions. On the last day of the event LFIC will mail via USPS-First Class, a check for all registration revenue minus actual out of pocket CC charges as itemized above, plus a 10% retainer, to cover:

Refunds requested by the registrants and dispute resolution charges, if any.

Should the refund requests and dispute resolution charges exceed the 10% retainer, the CEH must promptly reimburse LFIC for the total amount in excess of said retainer. LFIC will dialog with the CEH regarding all refunds and disputes. Normally LFIC will refund 100% of the registration fee to any registrant making such a request. The option for a refund will be open to the registrant for 60 days from the date of their respective registration. After 60 days following the last day of the event, LFIC will remit, via USPS-First Class mail, the remaining balance of the 10% retainer to the CEH. Should an event be canceled or rescheduled, at any time on or before completion of the event, but after people have made payment of registration fees based on advertised event dates, all registration fees are subject to being refunded, and all registration fees will be withheld until all claims for refund have been satisfied. The CEH will need to build into their event registration prices the LFIC charges as outlined above. An example of net registration revenue for a $50.00 registration for the CEH follows.

Gross registration fee$50.00
minus $1.45 2.9% CC fee
minus $.30 per transaction fee
Net registration revenue $48.25

Note of clarification: The CEH will, after the 60 day period, receive all monies collected by way of CC transactions that are not needed to fund refunds, dispute resolution charges and actual PayPal fees.

For the foreseeable future, we, that is LFIC, do not expect to benefit financially in any way as a result of our providing this service. The costs incurred by LFIC to construct internet based facilities, construct and maintain a data base into which we will manually key all registrations, distribute e-mails containing individual (as specifically requested), as well as periodic summaries of, registration information to Distribution Lists designated by the CEH, and otherwise administer this on line registration mechanism for the CEH, will be born by the Foundation as a service we offer at no charge. Should this facet of our ministry grow to the point that we need to change our policy, that option will remain on the table. We will not change this policy mideam in the process of "doing" an event. Should a CEH, or another party wish to help underwrite the costs of providing this service with a donation we would cheerfully accept, and because we are a 501-c-3, the donation would be tax deductible. We will not, however, solicit those donations nor share in the registration revenue in any way other than stated above.

A CEH may choose to accept the payment of registration fees by CK for those preferring not to register by using a CC. On line registration can still be done, but the CEH will need to receive, cross reference and otherwise process the checks. LFIC, as part of the on line registration process will instruct the registrant to send the check directly to the address given by the CEH. LFIC will log the “pay by CK” registrations into our data base in a manner that will distinguish them from the “pay by CC” registrations. LFIC makes no charge for the “pay by check” registrations. Refunds, when requested by a person making payment by check, will need to be processed and funded directly by the CEH.

A Point of Emphasis: The CEH, in determining the amount of the registration fees they wish to net, must factor in the CC transaction costs as explained in #1 above.

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