Agreement of Understanding and Expectations between CEH & LFIC

Please print this document, complete it, sign on CEH signature line and mail to address below. LFIC will, upon final approval, sign and return a signed copy to CEH. The date following the LFIC signature below will start the countdown clock for LFIC to get our work done for your conference. In most cases LFIC will be able to do the web site development for your event in 4 weeks or less.

Dave Hoff, Pres.

D.A.Hoff Charitable Foundation, Inc.

480 E 4th St No

Cottonwood,MN 56229

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The persons whose signatures appear below indicate their respective understanding and acceptance of all of the information set forth under the menu item-

Services and Information Details

Web Based Registration with Credit Card Capability

as published on the web site, with a revision date of _______________.

This signed document, along with the on line Application submitted by the CEH, and mutually acknowledged relevant e-mails predating the signing of this document will provide the parameters of agreement between LFIC and the CEH, for the following event:

Event Name ___________________________________________ Event date(s) ________________

CEH Authorized Signature _______________________________ Date_____________

Contact information in on line Application made a part of this agreement.

LFIC Authorized Signature _______________________________ Date _____________

Contact information for and / or David A. Hoff is as follows.

Dave Hoff, Pres.
D.A.Hoff Charitable Foundation, Inc.
480 E 4th St No
Cottonwood, MN56229

Phone 507-530-2022
FAX 507-423-1001